Blogging is quite easy and not as complicated as people think it is.
With the right and relevant content, you can start a personal blog in a couple of hours.
Most people don’t know how to start a blog, and this may cause a slight inconvenience.
Here we prepared a fast guide for learning how to start a blog for free and make money.
The first thing you need to do is select a niche for your blog.
This niche will represent the general topicsyou will be covering in your blog.
Your blog can be about any topics you can think of, like a blog about cooking, books, financial advice, movies, marketing, current affairs, and many more.
How to start a blog for free
Once you decide what your nice will be, the next step is to actually create the blog.
But you are short of cash and want to knowhow to start a blog for freelet me tell you that it is possible.
Anything is possible in this day and age, and the answer comes with the help ofWordPress.
All you have to do is simply install it on your host and go forward writing your first blog post.
It’s that simple.
The best part about WordPress is that it has a huge community built around it over the years.
You can get free support with your questions from the WordPress forums or blogs that discuss it.
You have an infinite number of free plugins and themes you can choose from, to properly increase your blog’s functionality.

How to start a blog and make money?

This seems to be the big question on everyone’s list these days.
First and foremost, stick to finding a niche for your blog, which will help you stay consistent and dedicated to your writing job.
After you have created a blog, the question arises about how to start a blog and make money?
Nobody wants to work for free.
The answer to this is quite simple, and comes in the form of advertisements and promoting other services on your blog.
Once you have created a blog with high traffic, a lot of publishers will approach you to promote their brand on your blog, which comes with a hefty price tag.