“My gift is a gift to others – a psychic Santa fe.” says Jimmy D. Young, R.N. “I have been a psychic Santa fe reader/apist for 10 years, and every month I receive more calls for readings.” Jimmy is a gifted medium who works with both spiritual and physical psychic abilities energies to help people connect with their inner selves and with others.

“The most amazing part of my job as a psychic reader is the ability to connect with people on a much deeper level than they can ever imagine through tarot cards, runes, or magic,” says Jimmy. “People come to me for tarot readings, but I can also use tools like the crystal ball and the EFT earpiece to help them connect with me on a more intuitive level.” Some of the people that seek my services have never even had a psychic reading before! I see people with all kinds of problems like fear of dogs, fear of spiders, fear of the dark, or agoraphobia (fear of going to the hospital) and I will often consult with these individuals to find out how they can start to solve their problems.”

Psychic readings are not just about helping clients solve issues on a superficial level. My clients say that they see more in their future because they feel inspired, uplifted and renewed by what they get from me. Some clients are completely intrigued by the gift of psychic readings, so much so that they go to Santa Fe and get personal one-on-one consultations. During my Santa Fe visits I am able to bring three different clients into what I call my Gift Baskets, who in turn receive three different gifts each.

I’m no dummy when it comes to picking out the right gift for clients. For instance, if you’re going for a client with deep concerns about a health problem or spiritual imbalance I would not suggest using the necklace of jade that I wear when giving psychic readings. However, if you have a client coming in with a specific problem, you may feel inspired to give her a pair of ruby earrings. I often surprise my clients with an item that they already have, like a new watch, as long as it has quartz crystal chandelier settings. Often what is surprising to me is the reaction that I get from the gift. The client feels that something was meant to be given to them at that very moment and is thankful beyond measure for the extra gift.

Another favorite of mine is the bag of seeds that Santa Fe gifted to me one Christmas. I had just finished working on a reading session for a client that had a very heavy burden to carry, having lost her husband in a car accident a year before. I made several visits to the accident site during the winter, as I often did, and on each visit I felt that this was a key moment in her recovery. In one of those visits I came up with a solution to a problem that she had been struggling with for many months. It was the kind of psychic gift that I love to give my clients and that they enjoy immensely!

When I have a client come in that is expecting a Santa Fe psychic reading, I love to know what to say. If you are a psychic reader that works with energy, I am thrilled to use you! There are many ways to connect with Santa Fe and there is always a good chance for a great connection. This Christmas I hope that someone will have a psychic reading that helps them understand what Santa Fe truly means to them. Then they can come in to receive their own gift from Santa himself!