So a shft has just happen, what shtf plan should you put in place? The following are some of the thing that should be in your plan:
Out of preparations, confirm your bug
Even if you plan for family emergency is leaning towards the bugging and it happens to be your main strategy, there might be some shft events which could require you to do the bug out. If you have intentions of hunkering down and bugging in but at some point you find that your home has become unsafe, not to have a plan for bugging out preparedness in advance might mean having a certain death.
So even with a plan of staying put at home, you need to have a bug out plan readily available to be your backup, taking time in double checking the preparations so that if the situation happens to call for it, you can ensure that you leave in minutes instead having to prepare for hours. The plan should include:
• Ready BOV fluids and supplies
• Review plans for alternative routes, rally points, and visual signals
• Preparing to load whatever extra supplies which might be of help in having
Do supply inventory in case there is time
Once you are in a place which is safe, and being able to monitor the channels which are available in determining the disaster extent, it might be good to do a final check of the available supplies. You have to make note of whatever that you will have available and try figuring out work around or alternatives.
When things end up getting hectic later on, you will not have to waste your precious time looking for supplies which you though that you had. There is a need to prioritize food consumption so that you eat fresh food first, followed by the food that is refrigerated, food which is frozen that will thaw in about 3 days and then you check out your dry and canned food stockpile.